It's Posh!

Funky Things for Fussy People


Welcome to It’s Posh Accessories and enjoy browsing!

We are small and we like that. It means we can focus on creating fun and unique pieces that are in keeping with the colours and trends of the day. With small and simple comes the ability to be nimble – reacting to our customer’s interests as expected. Each artisan show and farmer’s market may bring a new creation and our wonderful customers just keep coming back!

The candlepot that got away…

Its Posh! started as a wedding project for a friend. The challenge was to find a way to create and install votive candleholders in a magnificant pear tree at the reception site. The votives needed to provide ambiance for the evening, and double as a splendid thank you gift for each guest at the end of the night. All it took was some wire, glass holders and some snappy beads to jazz up the tree, but the after-effect was unpredicted. People wanted to replicate the same look in their own gardens, so the calls came in for more Just Twisted candlepots! So, we took it to a local craft fair, and had a sell-out weekend. Thus started the hobby that has grown wildly out of control.


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